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Every church operates based on an agreed upon set of order. It’s how the people of God relate to each other, make decisions, get things done and work through challenges. Our God is a God of order.


One of the ways our church maintains order while accomplishing our mission is what happens at CHURCH CONFERENCE


According to our Church Constitution, we are “to hold regular Church Conferences quarterly during the months of January, April, July and September (unless sufficient reason exits for a postponement)…”


Church Conference is the only opportunity members of the church vote on various decisions including: budget, use of facilities, new members, the list of people who have agreed to serve on teams and as deacons, personnel issues, etc.


We publish all the details for the Conference agenda at least 2 weeks prior to the Conference. And other issues to be presented and which require a vote must be given to the moderator, in writing, no later than 12:30pm on the day of the Conference.


To be able to officially vote on these mission critical decisions, Church Conference HAS to have a quorum present. A QUORUM is 10% of the resident membership as reported by the annual letter to the Metrolina Baptist Association.



That’s why it is mission-critical for ALL OF US to commit to being present in-person

for each of our planned Church Conferences throughout the year.


And we intentionally work to make sure Church Conference isn’t boring or pointless.

Lots of times we provide desserts, conversations, fun, laughter, connections, hope, and vision.


God is good!


Can we count on you for our next Church Conference?


Grace and Peace to you

Pastor Chris

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