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Below is how our church pastoral staff will be organized, ready to respond to the Pastoral Needs of the church. Each of us are rotating weeks where we will be on-call. If someone from our church ends up in the hospital, needs a home visit, or there is a death; the staff person on call will be the first responder.


Here’s how you can help!


When you, or someone else in our church, has a Pastoral need, please start by contacting the church office – (704) 596-2124 or Carol will then let the staff person on call (as well as the specific Sunday School Care Coordinator and Deacon when applicable) know of the need and we will respond and make contact.


We will visit you in the hospital, rehab center, home or other place when needed / requested. We will be available to visit, offer prayer and company, as well as do funerals if needed or requested. 


IHBC has multiple layers of CARE-GIVING in place and operational.

  • Deacons have responsibility for specific family groups and individuals

  • Sunday School Classes have Care-Coordinators to cover the people in their classes

  • Staff On-Call Schedule is another available and compassionate level of care to our church


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