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Our church is blessed with an outstanding group of dedicated Bible teachers, able and willing to present Biblical lessons and lead discussions each Sunday for practical Christian applications in our busy lives. With our culture today working against God and His Word, it's vitally important that we, as Christians, continue to study and apply His principles to our lives. Small group Bible Study not only encourages that, but also gives us fellowship and develops friendships with other believers. If you are not already attending a Bible study group, you are cordially invited to visit and join one of the following classes.  We are sure you will find a warm welcome and place to study and reflect on God's Word.  

NANCY JANE DAVIS : Polly Mitchell
Our senior ladies' class - active in Bible Study for application to their daily lives using David C. Cook Bible lesson plans. A very interactive group, discussing and sharing how God works in their lives. Meets in 2nd room on the left in office building.


Cindy Young, Richard Gant, Terry/Linda Wray, Phillip Haddox
A strong co-ed class open for all ages – studying and applying Scripture through discussing and sharing. Uses "Lifeway Bible Studies for Living." Very active in church activities and committees, fellowships and service projects.  Meets in Room 504A off of the gym.  

CP KELLY – Robert Dixon
Our senior men's class - uses "Lifeway Bible Studies for Living" to guide Christian growth. In-depth study and discussion of scripture. Never too old to reaffirm our faith and grow! Meets in first room on right in office building.

SONSEEKERS – Sonya McGraw, Bill Washburn, Mike Sivick
The Sonseekers are typically of middle ages, but all are welcome - Biblical truths and their real-life applications to daily living are taught by mixing lectures with discussions. Goal is to learn, encourage, pray together for supporting one another in Christian love. Actively supports the church as a whole. Meets in Room 504B off of the gym.

Its goals are to help young adults to connect with each other and to learn to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Encourages discussion rather than a lecture style of teaching. Uses the Fusion Study Guide which is built on the CLEAR learning system - Connect, Learn, Explore, Apply, Respond. Active in fellowships and outreach/mission projects. Meets in Room on left as you enter the Worship Center.

IMPACT - Young Adults

Heather Gray
Small group Bible Study for younger adults that promotes connections with one another and spiritual/personal growth in their walk with Christ. Meets in Prayer Room, behind Chapel.

GOOD NEWS – Rev. Frank Meyers
These believers are seasoned veterans of Christ service and knowledge -using David C. Cook Bible Study, the class is challenged on each lesson and scripture to have them involved on particular points for discussion. Lessons always end with a summary and challenge for each member to carry with them thru the week. Active with prayer time to meet personal and family needs. Class members willing and able to help with each other and others. Meets in first room on the right in Worship Center foyer.  

SUNSHINE - Ken & Jenny Tolson, Charlie Butler, Bob Blevins
Currently, consists of senior couples and singles  - uses David C. Cook Bible literature based on strong Bible lessons for affirming Christian faith. Encourages class participation/discussions which draws on class member's to share their walk with the Lord. Provides a loving, friendly setting to read and study God's Word that applies to our daily lives. Meets in last room on the right in office building.  

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